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Special Event Permits

fast special event permits

When you need to host a special event whether, on private or public property, you may need to apply for special events permits depending on the nature or type of the event. Your applications for special events permits will be reviewed by relevant authorities based on its potential effects on nearby properties or businesses.

Special events that need permits in West Palm beach

Not all events need to apply for special events permits. Typically, events that need to apply and get a permit before they can hold in West Palm Beach include parades, cycling races or rides, street walks, festivals, outdoor concerts, fairs, and pretty much any other large public event. If you are holding a private event with few families and friends in a private event park or a residential block parties with limited attendance, you may not apply for a permit. You should speak to your permits expeditor to confirm if you will need special event permits West Palm Beach for your event or not.

How long does it take to get a special event permit?

Generally, getting special events permits does not take as long as a residential or commercial building permits take. However, getting this type of permit can still be quite difficult. How complex the application process will depend largely on the details of the event. For instance, if you intend to set up any form of a temporary structure for the event such as a stage or wall, your application may take more time. Similarly, if you will be serving food at the event, the health department may have to review the permit application. Additional details like this may stretch out the application timeline. Generally, you may need as little as 5 days or as much as 45 days to get a special events permit. If you an event coming up soon in the West Palm Beach area, you should consult with a special events permit Expedition expert to discuss the details of your events and work out a feasible timeline based on the anticipated approval of your permit.

Who gives special events permit?

Special event permits typically involve a wide range of departments. The specific departments you will have to deal with depends largely on the details of your event. Some of the key departments that may be involved includes the City Planning department, fire department, building and safety, police department, department of public work, department of motor vehicles, and public health department. The fees for processing special event permits are relatively low compared to other forms of permits.

Professional Special Event Permits expediter West Palm beach

If you have an event coming up soon, it is recommended that you invest in hiring a permit expediting company to assist you through the process of permit processing for your event. Our company, West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor is a renowned permits processing company in the West Palm Beach area. Hiring us for your special event permit gives you access to a team of seasoned professionals that will guide you through the process of getting the needed permits for your events. We help you save money and time on permit processing for your event.

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