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Lien Violations

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Getting a liens violation notice is an unfortunate occurrence. But if it ever happens to you, it is best to take such a notice seriously and be proactive about it. A lien violation may be issued against your property if it was constructed without getting the necessary permits. It may also be because the building as contravened a building code. Authorities may also inspect a building and deem it unsafe both to you and the public in which case a lien violation may be issued. Typically this comes with a fine or penalty.

What do you do about a lien violation notice?

You may go through the arduous process all on your own or hire a professional company with experience in handling Liens Violation. At West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor, we offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions to help you reach liens violation settlements that are beneficial to you as an individual and to the city as well.

You can leverage our expertise and reputation to get the best from your liens violation cases. We will help you find all existing lien violations against your building. We can also assist and advise you through the process of preparing the documents and affidavits you will need to apply for a dismissal of these violations.

How we settle liens violation cases

With our services, you don’t have to face the authorities alone. We can appear on your behalf for administrative hearings into your case. During the process of getting a settlement for your violation, we may have to schedule meetings as well as property inspections with the authorities. Once we have been able to reach a settlement, we will work with the authorities to remove all forms of violation from public records so that your building gets the “all clear”. In addition to all these, we also provide general counsel and consultation services to guide you on your construction project so you don’t get slammed with a violation again.

Code compliance cases

Unsafe structures or buildings that fail to comply with building regulations are common examples of liens violations of building permits. If you are informed by the building Code Enforcement Department of a violation on your part, they will most likely explain the exact cause of the issue. Usually, you will get a limited period during which you are expected to respond to the violation accordingly. The main purpose of code compliance is to get you to achieve regulatory compliance on your building project. You can ask the inspector for the details of the issue and we will work with you to clean up the mess and bring the property in question into compliance with the code.

Professional representation for Lien Violations 

We have years of experience working with the Building Code Enforcement body in the West Palm Beach area. Our daily interaction with these departments makes it easy to process permits or resolve violations in no time. As your professional permits expeditor, you can leverage our knowledge of the industry and vast understanding of the rule books to help you save time and money in dealing with lien violations.

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