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Change of Use Certificate

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Changing the use of a building may involve and extensive remodeling of the building to suit its new purpose. But in some cases, no physical changes may be required at all. However, in most cases, the building code stipulates that if the proposed use of a building is to change for anything, then there is a need to apply for a change of use certificate. The purpose of this permit is to verify the compliance of the construction activities on the building with codes related to the new use. The process of obtaining this permit may vary from one situation to the other.

Which Agency is in charge of issuing a change of use certificate?

The authorities involved in the issuance of a change of use certificate depend on the overall scope and size of the project. Some of the departments that may be involved include the department of planning, city council, historical preservation society, coastal commission, and so on. With the help of an experienced building permits expeditor, you will be able to work out the specifics of your project and ascertain the relevant authorities that will be involved in processing this certificate. Usually, your local expediter has an ongoing relationship with the relevant bodies and will be able to represent your interest effectively.

How does it take to get a change of use certificate?

How long it will take to process a change of use certificate varies from project to project too. You can only be sure of an expected timeline when you get in touch with Permit Expediter West Palm Beach. Generally, you should bear in mind that a large project in a high metro area will take longer to process and more requirements. Conversely, projects with a smaller scope will be reviewed faster. In both cases, our expert expediters will guide you through the process of preparing the details of your application and the requirements to speed up your application.

So, why do change of use permits take so long?

Changing the use of a building seems so much like a simple project, so why does it take so long to get a change of use certificate. The major reason why it takes so long to get a change of use certificate is that in many cases, the application involves a lot of departments. After the plans for reconstructing or re-purposing the building have been reviewed by the city planning council, other departments may need to be consulted before the final approval is given. The approval of the building department is also required to ensure that the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, sanitation, fire safety and other aspects of the building comply with the building code as regards its new purpose. Only after these can you get approval for your project.

Get professional help with Change of use certificate

Like every other form of building permits, trying to get a change of use certificate all by yourself is both a stressful and risky. You will end up spending more time and resources on getting the permits if you get it at all. That’s not to mention the fact that your project may be delayed. Get professional help from West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor for timely and cost-effective processing of change of use certificate and other building permit services West Palm Beach.

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