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Building Permits

fast general building permits

At West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor, we help residential and commercial home builders, contractors, and developers with all aspects of getting building permits. As part of our building permits services, we work closely with state and national authorities. Whether it is a new building or old property that is being reconstructed, we work with you to facilitate and speed up the permit processing process. Our services include helping project stakeholders like the owners, developers, designers, as well as the construction teams to review and package all the documents they need to submit for the building, permits application. We also monitor the review process and meet with relevant bodies on your behalf for a speedy permit approval.

Building permits for new constructions

Before starting work on a new building construction in West Palm Beach, you need to get permits from the relevant authorities. We offer you a systematic and proactive method of processing your permit for the project. Usually, you will need permits for each stage of the construction process from demolition, construction of the building pre-structure, the building construction itself as well as tenant buildout. At West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor, we offer a seamless method of getting the necessary permits throughout the lifespan of your project. Our method is designed to facilitate permits processing such that there are no interruptions in all the phases of the project.

Commercial Construction Permitting

Commercial constructions of any kind across all sectors and industries require building permits. No matter the size of the project and its location in West Palm Beach, you will need to apply for permits for all stages of the project. We serve businesses in the hospitality industry, restaurants, construction of sports and entertainment buildings, mixed development properties, multi-family buildings, and so on. As your permits Permit runner West Palm Beach, we have a long-lasting relationship with the various municipal departments, government agencies, and other stakeholders required for permits approval for commercial projects.

Existing Construction Permitting

Building permits are also required for building alteration or reconstruction projects. We offer permits expedition services for a wide range of building alteration projects to keep your construction projects moving smoothly without delay. Building projects for existing structures that require construction permits include building alterations, interior demolition, redevelopment, building addition, and facade repairs among others. Our building code consultants and permits expedition experts work with you to review your documents and offer advice based on code provisions as regards renovations and reconstruction of existing buildings.

Public Way Services

In most municipalities, you will need to get a public way permits for the construction of anything that will extend over a public way whether permanent or temporary. Public way permits may be in form of peak hour exemptions, tent permits, sidewalk cafe permits, a grant of privilege, permanent public way permits, canopies, and so on. Even if your construction does not extend over a public way, You may also need to get a permit if you intend to install signs, banners, or awnings. Our permits expediters have years of experience navigating the process of getting these permits seamlessly so that you can proceed with your construction.

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