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Building Permit Services West Palm Beach


One of the most important details of any building project is getting a building permit. This is an official document issued by a local government agency that allows you to go ahead with the construction project. You will have to submit details of the project along with other requirements when applying for the permit. Once the proposed building has been certified compliant with building and land-use codes and found to be safe for future occupants, you will be giving a permit to proceed. Needless to say, the process of getting a permit can be quite complicated depending on the location and type of project. If you intend to start a construction or remodeling project in West Palm Beach, the best way to ensure that you get your permit faster and without stress is to hire West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor. Our work as your permit expediter is to review all your application requirements to ensure they are accurate and oversee the entire application.

About Us

West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor helps residential and commercial building owners with all phases of preparing and applying for a building permit. We work closely with contractors, architects, designers, and other members of your construction team to accurately prepare the necessary requirements for a building application. We also oversee the entire application process by interacting with relevant agencies in charge of Building permits West Palm Beach. Our job is to help you get your permits faster and without stress so that your project can commence and progress without delays. 

Our Services

For several years, we have been the leading permits expedition service company in the West Palm Beach area. We oversee all stages of your permits application process to ensure speedy permit issuance. As your Permit runner West Palm Beach, we assist general contractors, design professionals, project managers, architects, and developers to expedite the permit processing process. We will help you save money and time on general building permits, special events permits, change of use certificate, certificate of occupancy, liquor license and to settle cases of liens license with relevant authorities. 

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Building Permits

Whether you are building a small townhome or a skyscraper, you cannot bypass the process of getting the required permits for your building. The building permits process is designed to inspect the structural integrity of the building and ensure compliance with building and land-use codes in terms of zoning, sanitation, fire protection, electrical and mechanical requirements among other specific issues. Our building permit services West Palm Beach helps you to accurately package your building permits application. We also interact with relevant agencies on your behalf to get you the best result.

Special Event Permits

You do not need to apply for a special events permits for every event you hold, but when you need to host a large event whether on a public or private property such as parades, cycling or riding races, concerts, festivals, and fairs, then you will have to apply for a special event permit. Be sure to apply for your permit well ahead of time and hire our special event expedition service so that you can get your permits ahead of the planned date for your event.

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Lien Violations

Have you been slammed with a lien violations for expired permits, failure to get a permit, or non-compliance with building and planning codes? We recommend that you sort things out with the relevant authorities as soon as possible. You can leverage our knowledge and expertise as your local Permit runner West Palm Beach. We offer advice and consultation services on the next line of action and negotiate with the relevant authorities on your behalf to get the most convenient settlement for you.

Change of Use Certificate

If you are planning to change the purpose of a building from the original use stated in the building plan, you will have to apply for a change of use certificate. Usually, the change of use project requires extensive remodeling and reconstruction work to re-purpose the building for its new use. But even in cases when no physical changes are required, you may still need to apply for a change of use certificate which confirms the compliance of building with the codes related to the intended new use.

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Certificate of Occupancy

After the construction of a new residential or commercial building is completed, you will need to apply for a certificate of occupancy. This is a government-issued permit that confirms that the new building complies with all building codes and is in liveable condition. A certificate of occupancy is required to certify the building fit for daily use. We can work with you through every stage of your construction project to ensure compliance with every relevant code and to process your certificate of occupancy application at the end of your project.

Liquor License

As a business owner that intends to sell alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, and liquor), you will need to apply for a government-issued permit. There are various types of liquor licenses depending on your location, business type, and specific preferences. You may apply to only sell liquor and not serve it on your premises but some permits allow you to both sell and serve liquor on your promises. You should speak to our Liquor License expert to choose the best liquor license for your business and work out the details of your application.  

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Contact Us For More Information

Do you have a building construction, remodeling or special event coming up in West Palm Beach, Florida? Contact us to get answers to any questions you may have about the permits you need to apply for and their application process. We will help you find answers to your questions regarding any form of permits. You can also schedule a consultation with our building permits experts for assistance.

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“Before now, my permits application had been rejected a couple of times, on the advice of a friend I decided to hire an expediter to help me through the application process. West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor turned out to be the best choice I could have settled with. They took a look at my floor plans, and other documents and were able to identify the issues with it. I got the permit I needed in a matter of weeks. ” - Mike M.

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“As a contractor, one of the most stressful parts of my work is getting a permit. Since I started outsourcing my permits processing to West Palm Beach Permit Expeditor, I no longer have to bother about delays to my projects. Permits were promptly processed for every stage of construction and I am able to deliver on schedule ” -Hedger B.

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“They did a good job of getting me a special events permit for our outdoor concert. Quite helpful and experienced team. You will save yourself a lot of stress by hiring them” - Trey B.